The Craft of Self-Discovery.

As a soft, powerful soul, I've always been searching for more...like I wanted to make sure who I was as a person was just as clear as my talents. Even as a kid. That seeking was painful at times but now it all makes sense. Once we begin exploring self and reclaiming our true identity, we can serve with all our creative gifts at the highest level. This is my mission — to continue to grow & share my experiences with as many creative spirits & soft, powerful Black women (aka the triple threats of culture!) as I can. Let’s grow — together.



If I didn’t define myself for myself, I’d be crushed into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.



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SPECIAL DELIVERY! Request an invite below to receive exclusive excerpts from my upcoming collection of poetry & personal stories. This intimate collection explores self-discovery, identity, and the creative process as it relates to my journey of being a soft, powerful Black woman reclaiming her territory — and herself. My intention with this work is to create a container for all the self-work and discovery I’ve experienced over the last several years — give her space to be seen and heard so I can move honestly and gracefully (and probably not so gracefully) into my next chapter. And also to make my high school English teacher Ms. Beverly Cole proud. She always wanted me to keep writing! xoxo

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