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REPUBLIC OF AKITA is an evolving collection of projects & brands powered by my gifts in storytelling, style, creative, & empowerment.



The Inspired Interim

THE INSPIRED INTERIM is a platform & community that gives exceptional artists the courage to see the spaces between as the new superpower in their identity, life, and creative process. 

By Kaira Akita

BY KAIRA AKITA is a Style, Decor, & Gift Studio for the Confident & Creative. Shop Kaira's handpicked & handmade essentials for closet, home, and life, book private services, or join our unique lifestyle community.



A Clothes Encounter

2008 - 2011
Atlanta's First Luxury Consignment Event Company, where hundreds of women gathered each season to shop gently-worn name brand and designer clothing in support of worthy causes. 

Studio 7980

2010 - 2013
A boutique creative studio co-founded by Kaira and her sister Kia providing women entrepreneurs with bold creative direction and beautiful design for their brands. 

Reality Revolution

2012 - 2015
Inspired by the lack of purposeful reality television, Reality Revolution developed entertaining & transformative unscripted concepts with a focus on Black female game-changers.