An Affirmation for Black Artists in Mourning

How do we focus on our work after Alton, Philando, Tamir, Sandra, Michael, Eric, and too many more to name? Does our work even matter? I wrote this affirmation to hopefully help you get through. It's a small gift but it's what I have in this moment. Hope it helps you in some small way:

"I am a chosen messenger for these dark times. The heavy darkness has come now as the opening act for my light. I choose to affirm that my light is necessary, no matter how dark things may seem.

Yes, I will allow myself to mourn. But I will not grow weary. I will not succumb to helplessness. I will not feel small. I will keep practicing my gift, my courage, my self awareness, my purpose, my call to humanity. I will do this faithfully in the private places so that I will shine with bold truth and effectiveness on the public stage.

My divine wisdom tells me a shift is happening. I am part of a new tribe of messengers for a new time in the world. I claim my personal territory with my unique gifts, talents, and voice. I am part of the healing. I am a keeper of culture. I am a host of humanity. I am the answer to mourning.

Revival is inevitable. I am inevitable. This is not the end. This is the beginning. And though it feels I am in the middle of an overwhelming storm, I will brave it by staying committed to creating stories, strategies, spaces, and systems that reach the heart, mind, and machine of injustice."

Say it everyday if you have to. Whatever you do, keep going. We need you.