Who I Am.








// Personal Statement //

Hey! I'm Kaira Akita - pronounced like Tyra with a K. Yes, that's my real name. 

And yes, you might recognize me from somewhere. High school? Church? Do I owe you money? Or maybe you remember me from my TV & Film roles as baby mama drama Keisha in Why Did I Get Married, the messy receptionist Robin in The Family That Preys, or the lovably hilarious Diva in BET's first scripted TV series Somebodies. Or maybe you don't. It's all good! That's just a teeny tiny piece of my story that's still being written. After over a decade in the creative game and a lifetime being called to greater, I'm just getting started.

I was created to create. And I want to create EVERYTHING. Some days I'm bold enough to make shit happen. Other days I barely manage to brush my teeth. This is who I am - a fierce & fragile alpha female Gemini figuring it out as I go and learning to be OK with that. No matter what, each day I fall more in love with the specific path God has created for me and how I am meant to serve the world for the better.

This creative life is a long, winding, road, but I wouldn't choose another ride. With each messy, magnificent, divine, human step, I get closer to being & becoming the woman, the artist, and the creative leader that I've felt called to be since I was six years old. It just looks nothing like what I imagined. And thank God for that.  




Official Bio.

A star finding her light and helping others do the same along the way, Kaira Akita is a gifted actress and multi-faceted creator with a style, and a lane, all her own. She is most recognized for beloved comedic performances in the #1 box office hits Why Did I Get Married and The Family That Preys, along with her starring role in the 2006 Sundance film turned BET's first scripted series Somebodies (2008). 

Beyond performing, Kaira creates across multiple mediums including storytelling, creative, style, and empowerment. Over the past decade, her varied work as an actress, writer, producer, creative director, and style entrepreneur has been featured on E!, Essence, Tom Joyner Morning Show, Madame Noire, Clutch, Black Girls Killing It, CurlBox, Atlanta Tribune, eHow Style, Chic Rebellion, and Squarespace. She's also the recipient of a NAACP Theatre Award for Best Supporting Female and a Thumbs Up Award at Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival, where the late, great critic hailed her "a natural and a star."

Most recently, she has guest-starred in the fourth season of Being Mary Jane on BET, co-starred in Lee Daniel's Star on FOX, directed and starred in the award-winning web series Everything I Did Wrong in My 20s, created The Inspired Interim for artists in the spaces between, is co-writing her first feature film, and is set to make her stage directorial debut in 2018. 

Kaira was born in Maryland, raised in Germany, and spent her late teen, college, and early career years in her adopted hometown of Atlanta. She now lives and works in Los Angeles where she spends her days planning world takeover with her husband/creative partner Hadjii and learning how to conquer her biggest role yet aka being her most courageous self. 


// PRAISE // 

People Saying Nice Things.

"There are some people you only want to watch do one thing. Then there are talents like Kaira. You want to watch her wherever her gifts take her."


"A natural. You're going to be a star. For sure."

"I discovered her page on Instagram and thought — very nice. Her posts are carefully curated, a mix of style, thought and a peek into her life. They are ... well, her. Kaira Akita was immediately a friend in my head. The actress, producer and lifestyle conversationalist is fluid from one place you find her to the next. Read a blog post or her reply to your social media comments and you'll feel like you've known her all along."


"Kaira is such wonder on and off set. Thank you for making our content great and for making long days in the studio beautiful, positive, and fun. Excited to continue to watch the rise of Kaira!"


"Kaira captivates a room the moment she sets foot in it. She has that thing, that spark, that electric presence. Among the many things I adore about this gorgeous Being, is her willingness to be vulnerable as a storyteller, her desire to serve her community, and her love for art and humanity. Kaira is a gift to this world."


"I have respected Kaira's work for years from afar, and after meeting her --as anyone else who knows her can attest to--to know her is to be completely charmed by her. Not only is she a savvy business woman, Kaira has the vision of a creative and the drive a go-getter. A truly chic and rebellious woman determined to create a space for herself."


"Most actors can't create an individual character. But Kaira IS one."


"With [BET's first scripted show] Somebodies, the audience was attracted to the wit and realness captured through both the writing and the characters. One character in particular who captured the heart of the audience, thereby developing a large fan following, was lead actor Kaira Akita."




The Journey. 

1983-1994 / Global Citizen.

The oldest child of two military parents, mini-Kaira moved to Wiesbaden, Germany, spending ages  4 to 15 surrounded by art & creativity, style, European culture, a world-class education, & epic kids-stay-upstairs house parties thanks to her part-time DJ dad & full-time hostess with the mostess mom. From home to the classroom to the stage and every place in between, Kaira showed an early inclination for talent, smarts, and leadership that followed her wherever she went. Whether skipping two grades, performing in plays & pageants, traveling for writing & journalism programs, or forcing her sister to play school for fun, she was one of one from day one. 

1996-2001 / Georgia Grown.

Graduated from Atlanta's Stone Mountain High, where she always made her English teacher proud, shared class with Swiss Beatz (who told her not to forget him when she became famous) and somehow became the first Black teenager to portray Miss Daisy in Driving Miss Daisy thanks to a drama teacher that was "woke" before we knew what woke was. A top student, Kaira strangely applied to just one college, the University of Georgia, where she went on to major in Sociology & Not-Going-To-Class 101. She eventually wandered away from UGA without a degree, but found her future creative partner & husband, Hadjii, in the process.

2004-2010 / Star Rising.

After working behind the scenes for the Alliance Theatre (where her work helped premier The Color Purple before it hit Broadway) & declining a high-profile position at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and an offer to join the Copywriting Program at Creative Circus, Kaira goes with her gut and decides to take acting from a life-long hobby to a real career. Within three short years of that decision, she finds herself starring in Atlanta's longest running stage comedy and top sketch comedy ensemble; becoming the female lead in a Sundance film turned ten episodes of groundbreaking television; and developing a following for her performances in two #1 box office hits. She also taps into her entrepreneurial side, starting Atlanta's first Luxury Consignment Event Company and a boutique creative & design studio with her younger sister.

2011-Present / Finding the Light.

Talented and oh so confident as ever, Kaira hits the ground running in Los Angeles for her first pilot season. Shortly after, that running turns into a cute jog...then a speed walk...then a slow crawl...until she reaches full stop. Despite creating her own projects & winning an NAACP Theatre Award for Best Supporting Female in 2012, Kaira's identity anxiety & creative crisis forces her to explore who she is outside her gifts and do the work of becoming her most courageous self. Many therapy sessions, hairstyles, personal development programs, lost friendships, found tribe, long prayers, & Bank of America low account balance alerts later, fast-forward to today where Kaira continues to deepen her personal roots and expand as an artist and a woman on a mission to guide herself and others to be more connected to ourselves, each other, & the world around us.