I’m an actress-creator living my biggest, bravest, multi-fabulous creative life. Join me.

It’s been over a decade since I started my acting career as baby mama drama Keisha in Why Did I Get Married, Robin the shady receptionist in The Family That Preys, and the irresistibly hilarious Diva in the Sundance film turned BET’s first scripted series Somebodies. Since then, my voice & vision have expanded on all fronts and I’m excited to step into the full territory of my multi-fabulous creative life in storytelling, style, design, and self-discovery. We’ve got work to do, my fellow creative spirits — let’s go!



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There are some people you only want to watch do one thing. Then there are talents like Kaira. You want to watch her wherever her gifts may take her.  




An original talent creating characters & stories that capture the soft, powerful Black woman.


Get to know the Kaira Akita aesthetic — wardrobe, decor, design, & creative direction.


A student & a teacher, Kaira brings a vital new voice at the intersection of identity & creativity.